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Overwhelmed with the compassion and kindness of Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche, we decided to join in his stream of aktivity and provide financial and technical help for the completion of the monastery school in Nepal, which became a home and place of complex education for more than 130 young gentlemen. This was the first project with which NALA endowment fund started its aktivity in 2012. The construction and inauguration took place in 2015 with the presence of H.H. the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje and thousands of people from all over the world. We continue to support the operation and successfull functioning of the DSL monastery school.


We are immensely happy that the new school is finished! Children moved from the rented premises in Kathmandu to the new building outside the town, with beautiful views of the countryside and clean air. The architecture is purely eastern, with Buddhist motifs, which is quite natural for the children. Older children sleep in two-bed rooms and younger ones in larger rooms with approximately ten beds to provide for their better care and safety. There are currently over 150 children studying in DSL school, with various life stories and backgrounds. Now we still support boys’ education, we contribute on food,

clothing, basic health care and school supplies. Stay in monastery and study here is free, so it is an opportunity for children who would otherwise not afford to go to school. Monthly tuition is around EUR 38 per child.


In Dhagpo Sheydrub Ling children get up at 5 am. During the year they sit two exams with percentage evaluation. Less successful pupils get kitchen chores. Boys are intensively involved in studying the Karma Kagyu lineage Buddhism and contribute to maintaining the lively legacy of this precious teachings. During the stay in monastery, they are getting ready to go for a three-year retreat, after which they become lamas. The study program also includes other subjects (English, Nepali, Mathematics, Social Sciences) and students can take advantage of opportunities that could lead to their employment also in the lay sector. They do not take monks vows, but are led not to kill, steal, lie or harm anybody and take  

drugs. After graduation they can decide whether to become monks, stay in Dhagpo Sheydrub Ling like teachers, become lamas and traveling,  continue studying and become khempolas or to live a modern way of life. Even if they chooses these last option boys take responsibility for their own lives by understanding the cause and effect teachings (karma). Buddha explained that people create their future through their thoughts, words and actions. Everything a person does has an effect on shaping positive or negative impressions into the mind. But Karma is not a fate that cannot be changed. On the contrary, this approach offers a unique opportunity to work consciously with the mind and both compassionate and wise behaviour.

“When you understand the mind, you will understand everything.”


We managed to establish a contact between our children and children in the monastery. They exchnge letters in English, forming thus new friendships, widening cultural horizons and improve their language skills. We cooperate with children from Jan Amos Komensky school in Prague. If you are interested in this activity, we can find a penfriend for you too. Look at some letters from „our“ children here.