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Endowment Fund Nala

The “Four-footed Friends“

in monasteries

Endowment Fund Nala

Our protégés are not just children, boys and girls, from monastic schools… Because all beings desire happiness, and this can be brought to them by Buddha Dharma, we support every possible contact they may have with dharma.

The stray dogs are one of many problems in Nepal. More than 22,000 dogs live in the streets of Kathmandu alone, many of them suffer from hunger, open wounds with infection, mange, scabies and other diseases, including rabies.

The boys at the DSL monastery school have taken at least some of them and have accepted them as part of their monastic family. Currently, they care for 6 dog friends. They run with them outside and  at night - they sleep with them in their beds - better to say -  on the mattresses. However, since there is no veterinary clinic nearby and the cost of treatment would be expensive anyway, there is a risk of flea or scabies transmission (which is easily spread in the monastery because of the lack of linen washing - we are trying to solve this with our next project), possibly other diseases. Not only the  dogs are variegation of monastic life, but their daily contact with Buddha dharma also brings them great benefits for future rebirths. Therefore, we want to ensure that they can stay in the monastery and enjoy good health for the benefit of all.


And as it happens, the conditions have come together and we have come across an organization ,volunteers who treat stray dogs, mostly in the streets of Kathmandu. We value their work and we want to support their activity. So we have agreed on cooperation and mutual support and on our next project “Four-footed Friends in Monasteries”

Streetdog Care Organization volunteers will commute once every 3 months for dogs for preventive check-ups and will also be available for acute cases.

The cost of these regular inspections is approximately CZK 80 euro. The amount includes travel to and from the monastery, worming, vaccination and the like. If you want to contribute to their other activities outside the monastery, you can directly to their account or to our account with the password healthy dog. We will send any exceed money to the Streetdog Care Organization account



You can also support food for our dog protégés. The boys in the DSL monastery school usually do not have any leftovers, so the dogs would not finally get the food, so the boys prepare extra food and the cost is increased by 6 portions 😊


Thank you for your support and you can come to see dogs and children (and young men and girls) personally. Let‘s see how to do it here

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