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Endowment Fund Nala



Tokpa is an extremely talented artist with Buddhist training. His ability to capture moments that only he can see is truly breath taking.

Endowment Fund Nala



Tokpa was born in US. Based on the advice of Shamar Rinpoche, he moved to Dhagpo Kagyu Ling Dharma centre in France and became a full-time volunteer in the support of the Center. He’s found and excellent way to support the Dharma through photography and film within Dharma Imagery Project.

Now he live in Czech republic with his beautifull and amazing wife and travel aroud the world with Lamas.



As an artist Tokpa is constantly in search of depth of expression - be it in a smile, shadow or light, a single moment frozen in time or a wall of sound enveloping the senses. He makes films documenting aktivity of 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje, Jigme Rinpoche, Lama Ole and many other Karma Kagyu Lamas.


Tokpa’s work is freely accessible for all to enjoy and share. His wish is to bring benefit and help spreading Buddhas teachings. “My work is a labor of love. It means everything to me, and I have dedicated my life to this ideal … being able to share what I do without having to ask people to pay for it fills me with happiness and the work takes on a whole new meaning and purpose.”

Precious moments preserved for future generations.

Nala Foundation supports Tokpa’s work which preserves precious moments for future generation. “My work is based on a continuing effort to bring the Dharma to this world through photography, video and music, and with it the naturally blossoming passionate expression of depth, color and light.”

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