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Active help

Become a part of our team, which operates under the authority of realized Lamas, and help us fulfil our visions.

If you don’t have a financial surplus but you would like to help with our projects, or if you already contribute financially but would like to get involved more actively, don’t hesitate to contact us. There are many areas where we need a helping hand or advice. Here are some tips and areas where your help could be very much appreciated. We welcome all ideas, suggestions and recommendations. Some activities are voluntary, so the “only benefit” are good impressions in your mind and lots of merit. In case of other activities, especially those that can potentially generate finances for our projects, we can agree on some form of reward or external cooperation. 


Translation & editing

Are you good at English and you would like to use your knowledge to translate texts about our activities, traditional objects used in meditation, precious Lamas or Dharma teachings? We can send you our texts for translation or proofreading. Very often these are just short FB posts or news to be published on our website. 

This way you will be the first to learn about all our news and you will learn and grow at the same time :)


Seamstress or tailor

We have ideas, know-how and materials, but often we don’t know when to do it :) If sewing is your passion and you would like to help us create things from brocade that would be sold through our e-shop, we will be happy to show you the designs and cuts, and even provide a small sewing machine. If you are very skilful and open to Dharma, you might have an opportunity to learn how the traditional brocade thangka frames are made. Your own sewing machine is a great advantage.


Team reinforcements

When our Lamas visit, we organize their lectures and programme and we always need help with everything from cleaning and cooking to transport of things and people and preparation of the lecture venue etc. You don’t need any special skills, just willingness to help, enthusiasm and good motivation. Working in Lamas’ energy field is priceless.


Cameraman, photographer

We have many topics and ideas … but we don’t have the technologies and above all the person who would have the time to bring our ideas to life. If you are a professional or a student and you seek topics for your work, perhaps in eastern countries, such as Nepal, we have lots of interesting materials for you. 


Support on social media

We are aware of the influence the social media have in nowadays world. If you are an "influencer", youtuber, you do influence your environment and people in it and you want to give them something meaningful while supporting our activity at the same time, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to see you and cooperate with you. 


Virtual world

Do you understand the analytics? Can you get the e-shop running? Do you know the ways of social networks? Can you make the best of Google? Or do you have some PR and marketing tips? And do you want to share your knowledge and help us increase our reach for the support of our projects? We will welcome you with open arms.


Jack of all trades

Sometimes things break down, they need to be repaired or installed, cut, moved or removed ... We are looking for skilful workers who can help with real man’s work :)


All ideas are welcome

If you have any kind of idea that could help us with our projects, visions and intentions, you have good motivation and your heart and mind are open, get in touch. We can meet, discuss your ideas and possibility of their implementation. Let’s see what we can do together.

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