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Get involved 

support us and help spread Buddha's teachings

For the right functioning of the projects and to meet our objectives, we need more than just financial support. Decide for yourself how you would like to participate.

Financial support

Along his journey to enlightenment, Buddha came to the understanding that severe asceticism was not the right thing to do. The value of money depends on how we perceive them, it is our motivation when we use them that defines its energy. We are convinced that spending money on Dharma activities is the best possible action with the best motivation, which makes it really useful.

Human factor

Even with sufficient funds it can be difficult to achieve results, if you lack friends on the way. No one can do everything, and everyone’s specialty is different. Contribute with your talents, knowledge, experience, energy…we appreciate every little help or advice you can offer.

Volunteering in Nepal

Your help is welcome not only in the Czech Republic but also in our monastic schools in Nepal. Both boys and girls are excited whenever somebody visits and brings a change to their monastic regime. Experience the beauty of energy exchange, the harmony of East and West. 

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  • NALA centrum

    Podpora aktivit a chodu NALA centra a nadačního fondu
    • Vaše finanční prostředky pomohou s údržbou a chodem centra
    • Podpoříte členy týmu NALA v jejich usilovné práci
  • DAR 8

    darem podpoříte projekty nadačního fondu NALA
    Valid for 2 months
    • Jóga /Yoga
  • DAR 108

    Every month
    • darem přispějete měsíčně na aktivity nadačního fondu NALA
  • DAR 4

    Every month
    • svým darem přispějete na projekty nadačního fondu NALA
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