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Endowment Fund Nala



Life conditions in the Himalayas are hard and often affect the health of many local people. Our aim is to provide a better health care both for children and adults.

Endowment Fund Nala



In 2015, when Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake, our activity in this area grew significantly. In cooperation with the Czech government, NALA Endowment Fund helped provide humanitarian aid by sending out several charter aircraft to Nepal with a team of paramedics who spent several weeks there.  Together with the Czech Interior Ministry’s MEDEVAC program we took care of the first aid in the earthquake zone and provided the possibility of surgical interventions back in CR.


Kempo a sanitka.jpg

In cooperation with MEDEVAC and thanks to the help of doctor Sonam Rinchen from the Dhulikhel hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal, we also managed to equip and open the first aid room directly in the DSL monastery and to provide two ambulance cars. It significantly improved the accessibility of the health care in the area where the closest hospital is an hour-drive away, so that it was often very difficult to provide early professional help there.



We organized a first aid training for the staff and older kids in the monastery. Under the guidance of paramedic Pavel Jirsa and doctor Filip Burget they learned to provide health care in urgent cases. Some of the kids expressed their wish to become doctors or otherwise help in the area of health care.

Progress Hand in Hand with the Tradition

We understand that even in this area we can learn from each other a lot. Possibilities and knowledge of western medicine can perfectly complement eastern approach to health and treatment and its interest in the cause of illnesses.

Dhawa Lama

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For the second time we have arranged a one-year treatment stay of Dhawa Lama in the Czech Republic, where he underwent a series of surgerys.

You can read more about his story and healing process here.

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