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Endowment Fund Nala
PuJa Lama 

15 February at 20:58 

And sometimes you just really can't help but DREAM.

Dekuji Nadační fond NALA,
I am deeply touched for all your kindness & support. I am both grateful and overwhelmed by the warm love and welcome for making me a part of the family.
Coming as far as knowing very little or almost nothing about this magnanimous universe of Dharma when I began working in Dhagpo Sheydrub Ling and slowly stepping on the rocks as I travelled with Khcp Karmapas Healthcare to various monasteries, I have been blessed in all the ways that I can imagine. Now, as I turn back and look into my journey, I feel very fortunate, for everyone I have met, for all the things that happened, for everything, that helped me become who I am today.
From a fresh nursing graduate with the knowledge limited only to medicine to becoming a real nurse while tendering the children of the monasteries for 3 years and being constantly surrounded by the precious energies and venerable gurus and understanding the true essence of helping, I have become what I wouldn't have been in years of my life compiled.
With all the many roles I have been given the opportunity to play, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a care-taker, I humbly am gratified for all and joyous as I continue to embark my journey. 
Thank you for being another blessing!

I pray that all your dharma activities flourish and have no boundaries. May all the great Bodhisattva's blessings be always with us. May their kindness and compassion invoke the deepest love in everyone.

Puja Lama

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