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Rangjung Dawa Art School



Rangjung Dawa Art School is an international project led by Dawa Lhadripa – master of Karma Gardri. The project allows students from all over the world to study and later spread the pure style of this tradition.


Dawa Lhadripa, a kind hearted and modest man with indescribable artistic talent, is an acknowledged prominent painter of Karma Gardri – a painting style which is inseparable from the systematic work with mind. Already as a child, Dawa longed to paint Buddhas. He started to paint when he was 13 and studied under many Karma Kagyu masters. Now he is respected and sought after by many realized Lamas, including H.H. 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje.


The project has three pillars, the first one being an art school in Rumtek, Sikkim, the second one is a school that should emerge in Kathmandu, according to the wish of 17the Karmapa Thaye Dorje, and the third is the transmission in the West through the courses that will provide the first contact with this painting tradition for western students.


Rangjung Dawa Art School aims at preserving the transmission of Karma Gardri, the painting tradition which has been typical for Karma Kagyu since the 15ht century. In the West, the transmission is represented by Dawa’s talented and devoted students – our friends Leo and Katka. NALA also helped Leo to launch the unique 3D Statues project which will offer best quality statues of meditation aspects for affordable prices.