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Get Involved - donation

support us and help spread Buddha's teachings

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We support what we are convinced has a great and immeasurable significance and what we believe is really meaningful. 

It is said that the greatest gift one can give is the gift of Dharma – Buddha’s teaching.

The merit accumulated based on our compassion, generosity and support, especially of monks, is immeasurable. Join us and help us preserve Buddha’s teachings and wisdom, give the gift of timeless teachings that bring lasting happiness also to future generations.

You can send any amount or set up a standing order in favour of our account:

250420315 / 0300 (CZK)

IBAN: CZ7103000000000250420315


 272902286 / 0300 (EURO)

IBAN: CZ50 0300 0000 0002 7290 2286


We really appreciate your generosity and confidence that we will use your donation where it is most needed.

Please make a note in the payment order comment line "DONATION" or use the acronym of individual projects or Lamas you want to support. 

You can support us by purchasing on our e-shop ( also.

Thank YOU!


In case you need a donation agreement to be able to deduct your gift from the taxes, email us at

We would like to be in contact with you, our donors, send greeting card, thank you for your gift and inform you of what has happend. Please fill out the contact form so we can contact you.

Contact form

we will use your adress for sanding PF card only

Thank you  for your support!

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