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Endowment Fund Nala
Endowment Fund Nala



We can arrange volunteer stays in monastic schools that we support. Come and experience what it is like to live in Nepal between Buddhist monks and children growing up in a monastery school.

Dobrovolnictví v klášterech

While we have focused on the financial support of the two monastic schools led by Maniwa Sherab Gyalcchen Rinpoche, the volunteers having been interested in flying east and sharing their knowledge or helping the monastery run have appeared. Thanks to this we have gained the necessary experience and now we can share it with you and help you to make such a stay. You can read here the experience of volunteers who have visited one of the schools for a shorter or longer time and you can also get the necessary information if you decide to travel to Nepal, too.

Endowment Fund Nala
Stories from stays in monasteries


Four musketeers

When three friends decide to spend the holidays together a little differently and  meet another czech girl on the way.

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Kaja went back form Nala full of impressions

To set on journey to Nepal and spend nearly month in monastery school is for me valuable experience. I believe that in moments out of comfort zone man finds lot of precious information not just only about outer world but especially the inner one. Time spent in Nala gave me this opportunity to leave this comfort zone, be for few weeks part of different culture, look authentic into buddhist practice, which is inspiring in many aspects, tried role of teacher and last and not least new friends.



Bernie´s diary

The story about Bernie and how he came to Ani Gompa, played the flute, painted and  left his heart there.



Monks are great carers

Nevertheless, I was really happy because I was in the best company ever and had the best carers – the monks looked after me really well and I am infinitely grateful to them!

Endowment Fund Nala
I want to go to Nepal as a volunteer
what can I expect, how is it going to go, what to carry….?

As we support two specific monastery schools in Nepal, which we also visit several times a year, we can arrange a volunteer stay in one of them, based on our personal experience to answer your questions, advise on how to prepare and arrange transportation from the airport to one of the monastery schools .

How the activity will proceed?
Endowment Fund Nala
Endowment Fund Nala

Because you will live and work in a Buddhist monastery, where it is necessary to observe certain rules, under the auspices of the Nala Endowment Fund, firstly we will meet at a personal meeting where we will get to know each other, feel on; we will talk about your ideas, reasons for staying, your intention and expectations, we will discuss your possibilities - when can you fly to and for how long can you stay, what would you like to do in the monastery (do you want  to teach children and what or would you rather help with runnig the monastery ?)

Endowment Fund Nala

After the personal meeting we will give you a list of things that we recommend to pack for the stay. We can advise you on the purchase of air tickets. We will arrange a date, an accommodation and transfer from the airport. We will give you the contact of the person who will pick you up at the airport and will arrange the stay in one of the monasteries.

Endowment Fund Nala

After arrival everything is in your hands. You can attend all meditation sessions that wait for you several times a day in the monastery, you can teach English, geography, science, hygiene, watch classes such as painting, dancing, singing or physical education - karate or football  e.g. - which are really very popular among the boys  in the monastery school. If you do not want to spend time with children, there are other areas where a helping hand is needed – gardening, cooking, cleaning  the classerooms...painting/redecorating  the walls is also appreciated  :-)

You will not only give but also you will receive ... Older boys from the monastery or teachers and monks can give you tips for trips in the surroundings or they can answer you the questions about the monastery, Nepal and Buddha's teachings.

We will be grateful for the photos and videos you will take here.

Would  this opportunity be something you might be interested in do not hesitate to contact us here.

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