NALA Foundation strives to preserve philosophical, cultural and spiritual heritage of the Himalayan countries. We support translation of spiritual texts, traditional Buddhist art, meditation and take care of health of precious Buddhist teachers. We also help to provide quality education for orphaned and poor kids in Nepal. In monastery school, they receive not only classical education they but study timeless Buddhist teachings under the guidance of Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche.

Our aim is to preserve philosophical, cultural and spiritual heritage of the Himalayan countries. Thanks to idealistic and timeless activity of NALA Foundation we have an opportunity to prepare new projects focusing on the preservation of traditional transmission.

We keep asking ourselves how it is possible that people in the East are so happy, despite being so poor. It is their spiritual richness stemming from Buddhism. That is their secret. Learn about their life, be inspired and help us preserve their unique culture that have the power to bring joy and happiness.

Education for underprivileged Nepalese and Tibetan children

Modern buildings in the Banepa region, close to Kathmandu

Home for children without a family

Health care and medical check-ups

Preservation of traditional Buddhist art

Translation of precious Buddhist texts

Our kids

We wish that orphaned and underprivileged kids could also go to school and develop. Many of them come from very poor families and are entirely dependent on the help of others. We believe that even a small financial support can mean a chance of a better and happier life for them.

“Compassionate mind is always a source of happiness.”

Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoch

Our projects

We gather resources for the support of projects home and abroad, which include quality education for orphaned and underprivileged children, support of traditional Buddhist art, translations of precious spiritual texts, construction of retreat places and the support of precious Lamas, their activity, health and vitality.