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Fri, Aug 28


Sinē Practice together with Sabchu Rinpochē

Group Shinē Practice together with Sabchu Rinpochē

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Sinē Practice together with Sabchu Rinpochē
Sinē Practice together with Sabchu Rinpochē

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Aug 28, 2020, 7:30 PM GMT+2

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We are apologize, our Paypal account is limited now. We are working on re-commissioning. Please use your credit card or send the fee for the lecture on our bank account - please send the payment confirmation on our email to recieve the link for lecture. Thank you for understanding!


We have an opportunity again to try out everything we have learned from Sabchu Rinpochē’s lectures on Shine meditation practice, under the guidance of Rinpoche himself. Please prepare meditation cushions, small 21-bead mālā or a big mālā where you can mark the appropriate number of beads. If you don’t have any mala at all, you can also use pebbles, rice grains or coins.

Link for the zoom session will be sent to you upon registration for the event.


Donation for Rinpoche:

We offer Dāna (donation)to the teacher as a symbolic gesture of honour and veneration for what is received – the Dharma. Though the said Dāna may be limited in amount or in quantity, for the practitioners, it is a tiny representation of the thousand-million fold offering we do wish to offer in exchange for the teaching. Not to equate teachings with material objects, but to give rise to a sense of value for what is being received. The heart that values the teaching and the source of the teaching, the teacher, resultantly creates great merits.



  • Donation for the Rinpochē

    A symbolic donation to Sabchu Rinpochē for his explanation and leading of the Shine meditation practice.

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