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Mon, Aug 01


Chöekhor Düchen together with Venerable Sabchu Rinpoché

Celebration of Chöekhor Düchen under the guidance of Venerable Sabchu Rinpoché

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Chöekhor Düchen together with Venerable Sabchu Rinpoché
Chöekhor Düchen together with Venerable Sabchu Rinpoché

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Aug 01, 2022, 3:45 PM – 5:45 PM GMT+2

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Dear friends,

In the düchen series, we are getting closer to the next düchen event, which is called Chöekhor Düchen in Tibetan. This düchen marks the life-event of the historical Buddha, Śākyamuni expressly presenting his discovered wisdom to the five former spiritual companions. What was then presented in the Deer Park, Vārāṇasī, which is called The Four Noble Truths, is now invariably regarded as the cornerstones of the dharma, the teachings. According to all the Buddhist traditions of the world, this is the first teaching the Buddha gave to explain his awakened insight to others. Moreover, with the first gathering of the five former spiritual companions, Chöekhor Düchen also marks the first establishment of what is called sangha, Buddha’s community. In this regard, Chöekhor Düchen is an important day from the perspective of all Three Jewels, the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. Today, after more than 2500 years later, the timeless wisdom, such as The Four Noble Truths, still is the source of great liberation. The sangha, that started with the five aforementioned companions, is now in hundreds of millions worldwide.


With heartfelt joy, we invite you to join us, commemorating and celebrating the exemplary life of Śākyamuni on the upcoming Chöekhor Düchen. Accepting our request, Venerable Sabchu Rinpoché, will preside over the event. Leading the practices of the day, Rinpoché will elucidate the meaning of Chöekhor Düchen.


Meditation and Recitations


  • Refuge and Bodhicitta
  • The Treasury of Blessings: A Practice of Buddha Śākyamuni
  • A short visual tribute (video) to the Buddha
  • The recitation of Dharmacakra Sūtra (The Sūtra of the Wheel of Dharma)
  • The Recitation of Hṛdaya Sūtra (The Heart Sūtra)


PS: If you do have a published edition of these sūtras in your native language, please bring it on the day as we will also recite them in our native languages.


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