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Sun, Nov 15


12-hour non-stop Chenrezig Practice

Join us for a 12-hour meditation on Chenrezig.

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12-hour non-stop Chenrezig Practice
12-hour non-stop Chenrezig Practice

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Nov 15, 2020, 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM GMT+1

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For another in a series of online meetings with Sabchu Rinpoche after his return from meditation retreat,we were inspired by him, and we chose the twelve-hour meditation practice that Rinpoche agreed with us. The meditation aspect for this occasion will traditionally be the Buddha of Compassion Chenrezig, who is to awaken loving compassion and kindness, composure and shared joy in us.

The twelve-hour meditation retreat will begin with Sabchu Rinpoche with a join recitation of Sadhana Chenrezig, and then we will chant the OM MANI PEME HUNG mantra with the idea of freeing all sentient beings from suffering and achieving their lasting happiness.

You can complete the meditation session in its entirety or at selected intervals with breaks for food, rest and the like. However, because we want to maintain an nbroken line of meditation, please sign in into the table so that we can fill any time gaps.


You can count the number of mantras and write them in the table here



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    By choosing this option you can send a recommended voluntary donation of 108 CZK for Sabcha Rinpoche for his dharma activities.

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