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-The Guru Drinks Bourbon-

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

"...Encourage your students to go to other teacher. You should rejoice that they are encountering the Dharma, teachers, teaching. You should rejoice that someone is doing your job for you. Some teachers are so insecure about losing their students that they create rules like "if you receive this teaching, you can not go to other teachers." This is clearly an omen of degenerated times, worse than if women started giving birth to babies with six legs.

If you have all the qualities and abilities of a perfect teacher, there will be no issue. But even the sixth-and seventh-century tantric texts proclaim that the times are degenerating and it is not possible for a perfect guru to emerge. If it was bad then, what are the chances now, several hundred years later, that a perfect guru will emerge? But those texts also say that if you encounter someone during degenerated times who has even just one or two of these qualities, especially respect for the law of karma and trust in the triple gems you should venerate that person as the Buddha... "

Dogsar Khjence Rinpočhe
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